Secure, reliable and robust FinTech
solutions by Finartzconnect!
Solutions by Finartzconnect
Payment has become a significant part of growth. We provide two alternative
payment solutions in Finartzconnect. Leave your payment to the expertise of
Finartzconnect and focus on growing your business.
Custom Project Development
Finartzconnect provides development and consultancy support for existing and potential business partners in the field of payment. Finartzconnect takes responsibility for the development and management of payment systems on behalf of your company.
Payment Gateways
Considering online purchasing involves distance and privacy, security, reliability, resiliency and high availability are crucial that companies with high traffic must consider. Finartzconnect provides a payment gateways solution equipped with latest technologies and our exceptional expertise. Unlike a standard Payment Facilitator (PF) service you can get, Finartzconnect payment gateways is a solution that can be customized according to your exact needs.
Consistent Fintech services to satisfy all
the needs you have!
As being one of Finartz’s business lines, Finartzconnect provides high-level service for its business partners among the payment process.
Along with management & consultancy for existing businesses, Finartzconnect is able to contribute in the field of developing payment systems.
Contact Information
Office Address
Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Kerim
Günay Cad. No:25/4
R&D Center Address
Yildiz Technical University, Teknopark C1/111, Esenler/İstanbul
Ege University, Teknopark, No:172/67, 35100 Bornova/İzmir
+90 (850) 840 21 34
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